Aim & Scope

Urdu Scholars World – International refereed journal of Urdu proposes & provides interdisciplinary stage in order to have critical, authentic, genuine, brainstorming, academic, scholarly discussion and which has the vision to see, observe and reflect the issues of the world today. The editor has a specific purpose of publishing such essays that comprise the issues having contemporary significance which would pose way for the research scholars in the field of education & research in the world of globalization.

The aim of the journal is to bring forth the knowledge of various faculties in one platform to have authentic critical appreciation. Its interdisciplinary approach is deliberate to bring the internationally famed scholars on one platform to illumine the world of knowledge. Peer review process is indispensable for all the articles will be conveyed via e-mail. The papers ought to be submitted observing the instructions of the journal and must be written in the scholarly style and format.